Sue Light BA(Hons)

Founder of Web Cat Central

Expertise: Cat Behaviour, Cat Care, Evidence-based publishing

Education: University of Brighton, Birmingham City University


  • Passionate cat lover with over 40 years experience of owning and caring for cats
  • Holds a BA(Hons) degree in Computing and Information Systems, and a DipHE in Operating Department Practice. Recently completed a Diploma in Cat Behaviour and Psychology
  • Gained hands-on experience volunteering for cat shelters and charities


Sue is a lifelong cat lover, and currently shares her home with seven adopted cats.  She has over 40 years of cat care experience, and has volunteered as a cat carer and fundraiser for cat charities in the UK and Europe. Her love of cats led to her founding Web Cat Central, with a view to making scientific, evidenced based cat care advice available to everyone. It is her mission help cats everywhere live their best lives possible.

Sue is an experienced writer, and has published internet blogs and articles for many years. She is also a qualified healthcare professional and works in the operating theater when she’s not writing about cats! Her professional healthcare qualification means she is used to studying and writing papers collated from valid evidence and scientific studies. She transfers this knowledge to reviewing cat care products. She can cut through promotional spiel and analyze whether a manufacturers claims are credible assertions backed up by evidence, or are merely marketing hyperbole.