Best Cat Litter For Cats With Allergies Tested and Reviewed

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The best cat litters for cats with allergies are dust-free and fragrance-free. 

I tested five brands of unscented cat litter for dust content. I did this by pouring them from height, scooping and digging, and generally agitating the cat litter. I found the best cat litter for cats with allergies to be Feline Pine Platinum Cat Litter. Different litter suits different cats however, so I’ve included the best cat litter for each category. 

Best Overall

Feline Pine Platinum

Zero dust

Excellent odor control


Best Clumping



Clumps well

Excellent odor control

Best Budget

Dr Elsey’s Ultra


Low tracking

Good odor control

Our Best Cat Litter For Cats With Allergies

  1. Feline Pine Platinum Pine Pellet Cat Litter (Overall Best Cat Litter For Cats With Allergies) Go to review
  2. World’s Best Cat Litter (Best Sustainable Cat Litter for Cats with Allergies) Go to review
  3. Fresh Step Advanced Simply Unscented Clumping Cat Litter (Best Cat Litter for Odor Control) Go to review
  4. BoxiePro Deep Clean Probiotic Cat Litter (Best Clumping Cat Litter for Cats with Allergies) Go to review
  5. Dr Elsey’s Ultra Cat Litter (Best Budget Cat Litter for Cats with Allergies) Go to review

Top 5 Best Cat Litter for Cats With Allergies Reviewed

I tested all of the cat litters below. They all claim to be dust free and unscented.

Feline Pine Platinum Pine Pellet Cat Litter

(Overall Best Cat Litter For Cats With Allergies)

best cat litter for cats with allergies
  • Material: Pine pellets
  • Flushable: No
  • Clumping: No
  • Price: Mid-range

If you normally use clay-based cat litters then pine pellets might take some getting used to. However, many people are complete coverts, and once they try them, they never go back. I personally love them.

Feline Pine pellets are made from kiln dried sawdust, with no harsh chemicals added, just baking soda to combat odors. They form a non-clumping litter which is highly absorbent, and has exceptional odor control. The litter is unscented, but you get the natural scent of pine, which seems to neutralize the pee smell immediately.

This cat litter is half the weight of clay litter, so it is lightweight and easy to pour. The first thing to notice when you pour the pellets into the litter tray is that there is zero dust. Once the pellets come into contact with pee, they dissolve into sawdust. However, the particles in the sawdust are large and don’t float in the air to irritate your cat’s airways, so this litter is suitable for cats with allergies.

Feline Pine is eco-friendly. The pellets are made from sustainably sourced, reclaimed shavings, and the waste is biodegradable.

Although Feline Pine is quite pricey, one bag will last 2-3 times longer than an equivalent bag of clay litter as there is less waste produced. Also, you don’t need to put as much litter in the litter box.

I’ve found that the best way to use this litter is with a sifting litter box, but it can be used with a normal litter box too. You need to scoop the solid waste, then shake the litter box so that the dry pellets are on top, and the sawdust is at the bottom. You change the litter when there are no pellets left, only sawdust.

This litter does track, and it can be difficult to clear up as the particles are quite large. Some cats also enjoy playing with the pellets so you might find them scattered all over your home.

Because the pellets are a different consistency to traditional litters, some cats may take a while to get used to them. It might take some time and effort transitioning your cat by mixing old and new litters to get them accustomed to pine pellets. You might find however, that despite your best efforts, your cat still doesn’t like pine pellets, as some just don’t like the feel of it on their paws.

If you and your cat like pine pellet cat litter, then Feline Pine is a great choice. It’s zero dust formula and excellent odor control make it our overall best choice of cat litter for cats with allergies.


Zero dust

Excellent odor control



Messy tracking

Some cats don’t like it

World’s Best Cat Litter

(Best Sustainable Cat Litter for Cats with Allergies)

  • Material: Corn
  • Flushable: Yes
  • Clumping: Yes
  • Price: Mid-range

World’s Best Cat Litter is made from sustainable corn with no added chemicals. It claims to have outstanding odor control, with quick forming clumps that won’t stick to your litter box. It is lightweight and easy to pour. The quick clumping formula is said to make scooping and cleaning easy. It claims to be 99.9% dust free, with no silica dust in the formula. It is long lasting, and is pet, people and planet friendly. It has also been tested and proven to be flushable (but be sure to observe your local regulations for flushing cat litter).

I’d never used corn cat litter before, so I was intrigued to try this formula. The texture surprised me. It consists of coarse brown granules, and literally looks like chick crumbs (for anyone that has poultry!). I bought a 15lb bag and poured the whole thing into the litter tray, which formed a nice deep litter bed for my cats. When I poured it I noticed there was hardly any dust, and I didn’t notice any dust when I scooped. Compared to other litters which claim to be 99.9% dust free, I can safely say that this one is.

My cats were happy to use the litter tray straight away (they are used to constantly having their litter types swapped!) so I had no problems there. I was pleased with how the litter clumped. It formed hard, firm lumps which were easily scooped, with very little waste. Sometimes they stuck to the sides of the litter box, but they came away without too much force. One thing I did notice was that this litter clumps better if the waste is left to dry. Otherwise the clumps can crumble, and bits break off and get left behind in the litter bed.

In terms of odor control, for controlling urine smells it is excellent. The litter itself has a kind of cereal-like smell when it gets wet, but there’s no ammonia or pee smell at all. But with solid waste, it’s a different matter. The smell when one of the cats pooped was very apparent, and lingered until it dispersed naturally (or we got nose blind, one of the two!).

I was very happy with the scatter control and tracking with this litter. There was some scatter around the litter box, however the coarse grains didn’t seem to stick to the cat’s paws as much as other litters I’ve used. It saved a lot of vacuuming as the litter wasn’t tracked around the house. 

The eco-friendly quality of this litter is a huge plus. It is made from a non-toxic, natural plant formula and is completely sustainable. I think the flushable feature will also appeal to many people too. I must admit I didn’t try flushing it as we have a shared private drain system which is rather sensitive. But from reading reviews, many purchasers flush it without any issues.

Because this litter clumps so tightly, there is very little waste. It doesn’t crumble and leave dirty litter behind in the litter bed, so the litter doesn’t need dumping out and replacing. For this reason, a bag of this cat litter will last ages. A 32lb bag should last 3 cats over 40 days, probably even longer. Be sure to store the unused cat litter in a dry place to avoid any chance of it going moldy. 

There is concern in some quarters that if corn is subjected to moist and humid conditions (i.e. a litter box) then highly toxic aflatoxin mold can develop. I can find no recent evidence that has happened with cat litters such as World’s Best Cat Litter. The manufacturers of World’s Best do actually batch test for aflatoxin in the corn they use. However, if this is something that may concern you, then by all means avoid corn litters, as there are plenty of alternatives available. 

If your cat has an allergy to grain or corn in cat food, you should avoid corn cat litter in case any is ingested during grooming. 

Overall, I was really impressed with this cat litter, and will be using it again. It has zero dust and no artificial fragrance added, so it is a good choice for cats with allergies.




Long lasting

Low tracking


Crumbly unless clumps are dry

Poor odor control for poop

Fresh Step Advanced Simply Unscented Cat Litter

(Best Cat Litter for Odor Control)

  • Material: Clay
  • Flushable: No
  • Clumping: Yes
  • Price: Mid-range

Fresh Step Advanced Simply Unscented Litter is specially formulated with activated charcoal to instantly combat urine and poop odor. It is made with high-quality clay that forms tight clumps, making scooping easier and preventing annoying crumbles from being left behind. 

The low-tracking formula claims to be 99.9% dust-free, however, when I came to use this litter, I found it wasn’t the case. It creates quite a bit of dust when poured from height, as well as when scooping and digging. It is difficult to find clay based litter that isn’t dusty, and this is one of the better ones. However, it might not be ideal if your cat is particularly sensitive.

On the other hand, my cats really like the texture of this litter. I have other litter boxes around, with other brands of cat litter in them, but this one was the most popular. It definitely passed the kitty satisfaction test. 

Despite being unscented, the odor control is excellent. It guarantees 10 days of odor control and I would agree that this claim is met. The litter forms hard clumps immediately after the cat has used the litter box. There was no urine smell at all after use, and very minimal poop smell which quickly dissipated within a few minutes. The hard, solid clumps made the litter box easy to clean. The lumps stayed together and didn’t stick to the sides or bottom of the litter box.

The color and texture of this litter is like coarse, grey sand. The particles are quite heavy, which means there is minimal tracking, and excellent scatter control. The litter box I used this litter in had fairly low sides, and whilst there was some litter tracked outside the box, it wasn’t as much as with other litters I’ve used.

Overall, this cat litter is really great to use, even if it is quite dusty. The litter box stays really clean because of the effective clumping formula, the odor control is great and it’s very low tracking. Having read many reviews of this litter, many people have used this litter successfully with allergic cats, so it’s probably worth a try to see how your cat gets on with it.


Excellent odor control

Forms firm clumps

Low tracking


Some dust

BoxiePro Deep Clean Probiotic Cat Litter

(Best Clumping Cat Litter for Cats with Allergies)

best clumping cat litter for cats with allergies
  • Material: Clay
  • Flushable: No
  • Clumping: Yes
  • Price: Expensive

BoxiePro is an unscented, clay based litter which contains natural probiotics. These are harmless organisms which digest waste and control odors. The probiotics also coat the cat’s paws, and work to keep them clean and bacteria-free too. This prevents the spread of germs by dirty cat paws.

The formula is designed to form “Flat Top” clumps. This means that when liquid is added, the litter clumps across the surface rather than letting the wet reach the bottom of the litter tray and sticking.

The litter is a dark grey color, with small, fine granules of clay-like texture. It claims to be 99.9% dust free, and I would agree as there was barely any dust when I poured the litter into the litter tray. I didn’t see any dust created when scooping either. For a clay-based cat litter, this low level of dust is pretty good.

The litter forms hard, tight clumps immediately after coming into contact with liquid. The clumps stay firm and don’t break up when scooped. The surface-clumping feature isn’t apparent when you see the clumps, they just look like regular clumps to me. However, I found that the clumps don’t stick to the sides or bottom of the litter box, provided that you have a fairly deep litter bed of at least 3 inches.

Odor control was excellent, and I didn’t get any whiffs of “litter box” smell whilst I was using this litter. For an unscented litter I think it did pretty well in masking smells from both urine and solid waste.

The litter did track however. The grains are quite small and fine, so this is probably why. I spent a lot of time vacuuming, as the litter tracked all over the house.

Price wise, the BoxiePro is expensive to buy, and doesn’t last that long either. According to the pack, one 28lb bag should last one cat two months. I think that is a conservative estimate, as I seemed to go through it a lot quicker. It does form big clumps and there is a lot of waste when you come to scooping.

If you don’t mind the cost, then BoxiPro is a good choice of cat litter for cats with allergies, particularly if you prefer clay litters. It is low dust and non-scented, has great odor control and forms firm, tight clumps which are easy to clean. 


Probiotic & antibacterial

Great odor control

Clumps well


Messy tracking


Dr Elsey’s Ultra Cat Litter

(Best Budget Cat Litter for Cats with Allergies)

best budget cat litter
  • Material: Clay
  • Flushable: No
  • Clumping: Yes
  • Price: Affordable

Dr Elsey’s Ultra is an unscented and hard clumping clay based cat litter. It claims to have a unique formulation that combines heavy non-tracking granules with medium grain clay.

The first thing I noticed when I came to pour this litter into the litter box is how heavy it is. The bag is huge so I found it easiest to use a large scoop to scoop it into the box. This was a good chance to see how dusty this litter is, and when I scooped it into the box, it didn’t create much dust at all. The same when I scooped the clumps. It is definitely one of the lower dust clay litters.

The litter is a pale grey color and has the consistency of tiny pebbles. It is highly absorbent, and forms hard, solid lumps immediately on contact with liquid. When it came to scooping however, I did find that the clumps sometimes stuck to the sides or the bottom of the litter box, particularly if the cat had peed in the corner of the box. Some of the lumps had to be scraped off, which meant they broke up a little and took a bit more effort to scoop to get a completely clean litter box.

This litter non-scented, and it has pretty good odor control, provided I scoop several times a day (it recommends scooping twice daily). If I let the waste build up, then it did start to smell. As the weeks went on, the litter box did start to smell more, so I would dump out the whole lot and fill it with clean litter every month as recommended.

Of all the litters I tested, I found this was one of the best for not tracking, or getting stuck in the cats paws. This is probably because it has quite heavy granules which stay in the litter box. 

One of the best things about Dr Elsey’s it the price. Compared to the other litters I tested, Dr Elseys is very affordable is our choice for best budget cat litter for cats with allergies.



Low tracking

Moderate odor control


Clumps stick to litter box

Heavy and awkward to pour

Our Verdict

The components of cat litter which are likely to trigger allergies are:

Dust – created when cats dig or the litter is scooped, and Scent – fragrances which are often added to cat litter to control odor.

After testing the various brands of cat litter for this article, I found that the Feline Pine cat litter had zero dust and no added fragrance or chemicals, and is our choice of best cat litter for cats with allergies.

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Sue Light BA (Hons), DipHE

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