Best Cat Litter For Heavy Urination – Top 5 Brands Tested and Reviewed

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The best cat litters for heavy urination are super-absorbent, with high odor control. 

Not all types of cat litter can cope with high volumes of pee. Many clay litters turn to wet sludge. Some cat litters just aren’t absorbent enough, and urine pools in the litter box.

I’ve taken 5 brands of cat litter, and tested them all for absorbency performance (Click here to see the testing process). The results are shown in each review. Use this guide to help you choose the best cat litter for your cat.

I found that Feline Pine Platinum is the best cat litter for heavy urination. All cats are different though, with differing urinating behaviour, so I’ve included reviews of each brand for every category of cat litter for heavy urination.

Best Overall

Feline Pine Platinum

High absorbency

Excellent odor control


Best Sustainable

best sustainable cat litter for heavy urination

Sustainably Yours

Highly absorbent


Doesn’t stick to litter box

Best Budget

Dr Elsey’s Ultra


Low tracking

Good odor control

Our Best Cat Litter For Heavy Urination

  1. Feline Pine Platinum Pine Pellet Cat Litter (Overall Best Cat Litter For Heavy Urination) Go to review
  2. World’s Best Cat Litter (Best Flushable Cat Litter for Heavy Urination) Go to review
  3. Fresh Step Crystal Litter (Best Crystal Litter for Heavy Urination) Go to review
  4. Sustainably Yours Large Grain Cat Litter (Best Sustainable Cat Litter for Heavy Urination) Go to review
  5. Dr Elsey’s Ultra Cat Litter (Best Budget Cat Litter for Heavy Urination) Go to review

Top 5 Best Cat Litters for Heavy Urination Reviewed

I did a lot of research before selecting the brands of cat litter to test, and I’m happy to say that all of the ones I tested proved ideal for cats with a high pee volume. Cats can display different behaviour when using the litter box however. Some dig to the bottom of the box, some fling litter everywhere and some don’t dig at all. So some litters might suit different cats better than others. Sometimes it can be a case of trial and error to find the perfect litter for you and your cat.

Feline Pine Platinum Pine Pellet Cat Litter

(Overall Best Cat Litter For Heavy Urination)

best cat litter for cats with allergies
  • Material: Pine pellets
  • Flushable: No
  • Clumping: No
  • Price: Mid-range

If you’re used to using clay-based cat litters, pine pellets might take some time to adjust to. However, many people become converts and never go back once they give them a try. Personally, I love pine litter.

Feline Pine pellets are made from kiln-dried sawdust, with no harsh chemicals added, just baking soda to combat odors. These pellets create a non-clumping litter that is highly absorbent and has exceptional odor control. The litter is unscented, but you do get the natural scent of pine, which seems to immediately neutralize the smell of pee.

This cat litter is half the weight of clay litter, making it lightweight and easy to pour. When you pour the pellets into the litter tray, the first thing you’ll notice is that there is no dust. The texture is quite unlike normal cat litter, and some cats can take a while to get used to it. You may have to gradually transition your cat by mixing it with your old litter and gradually increasing the quantity of Feline Pine.

The main benefit of Feline Pine is that it is incredibly absorbent. When the pellets come into contact with pee, they dissolve into sawdust. But they will absorb an awful lot of liquid before they feel even remotely damp. The idea is to leave the sawdust in the litter box until there are no more pellets to dissolve, and then dump out the whole lot and replace with fresh litter.

best cat litter for heavy urination

Feline Pine is eco-friendly. The pellets are made from sustainably sourced reclaimed shavings, and the waste is biodegradable.

While Feline Pine can be quite pricey, one bag will last 2-3 times longer than an equivalent bag of clay litter because there is less waste produced.

Many people use Feline Pine with a sifting litter box, but it can also be used with a normal litter box. You need to scoop the solid waste, then shake the litter box so that the dry pellets rise to the top and the sawdust settles at the bottom. You change the litter when there are no more pellets left, only sawdust.

One disadvantage of this litter is that it does track, and it can be difficult to clean up as the particles are quite large. Some cats also enjoy playing with the pellets, so you might find them scattered all over your home.

If you and your cat like  pine pellet cat litter, then Feline Pine is a fantastic choice. It’s super absorbent formula and excellent odor control make it my overall best choice of cat litter for heavy urination.


Highly absorbent

Excellent odor control



Messy tracking

Some cats don’t like it

World’s Best Cat Litter

(Best Flushable Cat Litter for Heavy Urination)

  • Material: Corn
  • Flushable: Yes
  • Clumping: Yes
  • Price: Mid-range

World’s Best Cat Litter is made from sustainable corn without any added chemicals. It claims to provide exceptional odor control and clumps quickly without sticking to the litter box. The litter is lightweight and easy to pour. The quick clumping formula is said to make scooping and cleaning a breeze. It is advertised as being 99.9% dust-free, with no silica dust included. In addition, it is long-lasting and environmentally friendly, safe for both pets and people. It has also been tested and proven to be flushable, although it is important to follow local regulations for flushing cat litter.

This litter has the texture of coarse brown granules. It is a similar consistency to traditional litter so your cat shouldn’t have any problems transitioning over.

This litter is highly absorbent, and clumps really well. During testing it formed solid, firm lumps that were easy to scoop with minimal waste. Occasionally, the clumps would stick to the sides or bottom of the litter box, but they could be easily removed without much effort. I did notice that the litter clumped better when the waste was allowed to dry. Otherwise, the clumps could crumble, leaving bits behind in the litter bed.

A nice thing about this litter is that it is lightweight, which means the clumps aren’t too heavy (unlike some clay litters). Even when huge clumps are formed with high volume pee, they are easy to remove without any danger of snapping the scoop handle off.

sustainable cat litter for heavy urination

Heavy urination often means that pee makes it to the bottom of the litter box before it has been fully absorbed by the litter, especially if your cat likes to dig a hole before peeing. This can be a nightmare with clumping clay litters, as the clumps stick solidly to the litter box and can be difficult to remove. With The World’s Best cat litter, the lumps don’t stick too badly and are easier to remove.

In terms of odor control, this litter excelled at controlling urine smells. When wet, it emitted a cereal-like scent, but there was no ammonia or urine odor. However, when it came to solid waste, the smell was more noticeable and lingered until it dissipated naturally or we became accustomed to it.

I was very pleased with the scatter control and tracking of this litter. While there was some scatter around the litter box, the coarse grains didn’t seem to stick to my cats’ paws as much as other litters I’ve used. This resulted in less tracking throughout the house, saving me from having to vacuum frequently.

One of the major advantages of this litter is its eco-friendly qualities. It is made from a non-toxic, natural plant formula that is completely sustainable. The flushable feature is also appealing to many users. I personally did not try flushing it due to our sensitive shared drain system. However, based on reviews, many people have successfully flushed it without any issues. Some have suggested disposing of one clump at a time, and letting it dissolve for a few minutes before flushing.

Because this litter clumps tightly, there is very little waste. It doesn’t crumble or leave dirty litter behind, so there is no need to completely replace the litter. As a result, a bag of this cat litter will last a long time. A 32lb bag should easily last three cats for over 40 days, if not longer. It is important to store the unused cat litter in a dry place to prevent any potential mold growth.

There have been concerns raised about the development of highly toxic aflatoxin mold in corn-based litters when exposed to moist and humid conditions, such as a litter box. However, there is no recent evidence to suggest that this has occurred with cat litters like World’s Best Cat Litter. The manufacturers of World’s Best actually conduct batch testing for aflatoxin in the corn they use. However, if this is a concern for you, there are plenty of alternative litters available to choose from.

If your cat has a grain or corn allergy in their food, it is advisable to avoid corn-based cat litter to prevent any potential ingestion during grooming. Overall, I was extremely impressed with this cat litter and will definitely be using it again. It’s highly absorbent, clumping formula makes cleaning the litter box easy. The odor control and sustainability is also a huge plus, and the fact that it is flushable means you don’t have to dispose of heavy bags of urine soaked litter.


Non-sticking formula


Long lasting

Low tracking


Crumbly unless clumps are dry

Poor odor control for poop

Sustainably Yours Large Grain Natural Cat Litter

(Best Sustainable Cat Litter for Heavy Urination)

  • Material: Corn & cassava
  • Flushable: No
  • Clumping: Yes
  • Price: High

Sustainably Yours is made from corn and cassava, which are completely renewable and biodegradable. You can use it with a clear conscience knowing you are being kind to the environment, unlike other litters made from mined materials such as clay or silica. And the best thing is, you aren’t compromising performance or quality, as this litter works great.

The first thing I noticed about this litter was how light it is, which makes it really easy to handle and pour. It is yellow in color and has a sandy consistency that my cats really liked.

When I poured the litter into the litter box I was impressed with the dust level – absolutely zero. Same when I scooped, no dust.

This litter is super-absorbent. When comes into contact with liquid, it forms rock-like, solid clumps immediately. The clumps are really hard, don’t break up and are easily sifted out when you scoop. What is great about this litter is that the clumps don’t stick to the litter box at all. Even though the clumps are really hard, they don’t have to be scraped off the sides or bottom of the litter box like many of the clumping clay litters. This makes scooping clumps from a heavy urinating cat so much easier, as the pee often comes into contact with the sides or bottom of the litter box before all the urine has been absorbed, and sometimes it can stick like concrete.

In terms of odor control, the litter is unscented and seems to control smells reasonably well. It wasn’t the best, but it was OK.

One disadvantage of this litter is that it tracks profusely, even with the large grain version. The grains are small and light and really seem to stick to the cats paws. It tracked quite a distance from the litter box, despite the use of a litter mat, so I had to spend quite a bit of time vacuuming after using this litter.

Another downside is that, being grain based, this litter needs to be stored correctly. It can go mouldy or spoil if it is stored in humid or wet conditions.

One thing to be aware of is that some cats have proved highly allergic to this litter, so keep an eye on your cats. If your cat is sensitive to grains in their diet, then this litter is probably best avoided, as they may might accidentally swallow some during grooming.

If your cat develops any skin irritation, discontinue use and seek advice from your vet.

The main issue with this litter if you have a cat that pees a lot is the cost. It is expensive to buy, and you will use more of it due to the extra pee. Considering it’s high absorbency and sustainability however, you might think it’s worth the extra money.


Sustainable & biodegradable

Highly absorbent

Doesn’t stick to the litter box

Lightweight, easy to pour


High tracking

Spoils if not stored properly


Fresh Step Crystal Litter

(Best Crystal Litter for Heavy Urination)

  • Material: Silica gel
  • Flushable: No
  • Clumping: No
  • Price: High

If you have never used crystal litter you will find it’s quite different from other litters. With this type of litter, the Fresh Step Crystals are left in the litter box until they are completely saturated. Just scoop the poop and stir the crystals daily. The crystals are dumped out and replaced when the color changes from blue to yellow, which should be every 20-30 days with one average cat.

The crystals are made from silica gel and measure 1mm – 4mm, which means they don’t track too badly. The litter is, however, quite dusty, and you might notice blue dust sticking to your cat if it’s a pale color.

It’s a clean litter which is easily maintained, with no heavy clumps to remove. The litter is scented, but the smell isn’t over powering, and it does an excellent job of odor control. Once the litter becomes saturated however, it does start to smell and you will know it is time to change it.

This litter is really absorbent, but it is important to regularly stir it really well, so that the crystals absorb urine evenly. This will also avoid urine pooling, which can happen when heavy urinating cats use this litter.

The main downside of this litter is the price. It works out really expensive, particularly for heavy urinating cats, as the litter won’t last the 20-30 days guideline, probably more like half that.

If you’ve never used crystal litter before, be aware that some cats don’t like the feel of it on their paws, so be prepared to take time transitioning them.

All in all it’s a high performing litter that many people prefer as an alternative to clay.


Good odor control

Easy to clean




Dr Elsey’s Ultra Cat Litter

(Best Budget Cat Litter for Heavy Urination)

best budget cat litter
  • Material: Clay
  • Flushable: No
  • Clumping: Yes
  • Price: Affordable

Dr Elsey’s Ultra is an unscented and hard-clumping clay based cat litter. It claims to have a unique formulation that combines heavy non-tracking granules with medium grain clay.

This is a heavy cat litter, and the 40lb bag is awkward to handle, so I found it easiest to use a large scoop to scoop it into the box. This was a good chance to see how dusty this litter is, and when I scooped it into the box, it didn’t create much dust at all. The same when I scooped the clumps. It is definitely one of the lower dust clay litters.

best budget cat litter for heavy urination

The litter is a pale grey color and has the consistency of tiny pebbles. It is highly absorbent, and forms hard, solid lumps immediately on contact with liquid. It does cope really well with high volume of pee, and absorbs the liquid quickly. However, because this litter clumps so tightly, it can stick to the sides and bottom of the litter box. It sets like concrete and can be really difficult to remove. This can be an issue with heavy urinating cats, as the pee often comes into contact with the bottom of the litter box if the litter can’t absorb it quickly enough. The clumps are obviously huge and heavy, and you need to use a metal scoop with this litter.

This litter non-scented, and it has pretty good odor control, provided you scoop several times a day. The manufacturers recommend scooping twice daily, and dumping the whole lot out and replacing with fresh litter once a month.

This litter has quite heavy granules which seem to stay in the litter box, so it performs very well in terms of scatter control and tracking. There is still some litter around the litter box, but it doesn’t seem to track as much around the rest of the house like many other litters.

One of the best things about Dr Elsey’s it the price. Compared to the other litters I tested, Dr Elseys is very affordable. This is a huge bonus if you have a cat that pees a lot, as you get through so much cat litter. That is why it is my choice as best budget cat litter for heavy urination.



Low tracking

Highly absorbent


Clumps stick to litter box

Heavy and awkward to pour

Testing Process

According to vet journal DVM360, normal adult cats produce an average of 28ml per kilo of bodyweight per 24 hours. So an average 4.5kg (10lb) cat pees around 126ml (4.25 fl oz) per day. Healthy cats pee on average 2-4 times a day, producing litter clumps between golf ball size and tennis ball size.

A cat which urinates excessively (polyuria) for medical reasons will pee over 50ml/kg/day. So that would be 225ml (7.6 fl oz) for the same 4.5kg (10lb) cat.

Our tests involved pouring a sample size of 150ml (5 fl oz) of water onto each brand of litter. This is to simulate a large cat or a cat with polyuria peeing, based on estimations of urine volume from the calculations above. The sample was left in the litter box for several hours to test absorption, clumping and non-sticking features.

In to the water test above, we have also used each brand of cat litter in our own cats’ litter boxes. This means we could properly “road-test” the litter and assess factors such as dust, odor control, scatter and tracking.

Our Verdict

Cats prone to heavy urination require a litter that is highly absorbent, controls odors and is easy to clean. Choosing an unsuitable litter could lead to urine pooling and ammonia smells.

Feline Pine Platinum Pine Pellet Cat Litter is an excellent choice of cat litter to absorb heavy pee and control odors.

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Sue Light BA (Hons), DipHE

Sue is the founder of Web Cat Central and has a Diploma in Feline Behaviour and Psychology. She is an experienced writer who loves spending time at home with her menagerie of seven cats, four dogs and three horses.

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