Best Litter For Litter Robot – Top 7 Best Brands of Cat Litter Tried and Tested in 2024

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The best litter for Litter Robot 3 or 4 is one that has a fine grain texture, is ultra-clumping, absorbent and low tracking, with excellent odor control.

Litter Robot recommends any clumping cat litter for their self-cleaning litter boxes, but as I’ve found out, some cat litters work better than others. The Litter Robot 3 and the Litter Robot 4 have the same sized holes in the sifter, so what works for the 3 will also work for the 4.

These are the seven brands of cat litter that I have tested in my Litter Robot 3 for at least two weeks each. I also reached out to other Litter Robot users for their experiences too. With the information, I compiled this ultimate guide to the best cat litter for Litter Robot models 3 & 4.

In the past I found the best cat litter for Litter Robot is Ever Clean, which is the litter I’ve been using for years. However, there have been recent supply issues due to a cyber attack on the manufacturer Clorox. There seems to have been a formula change too, so I wanted to look for an alternative.

Of all the brands of cat litter I tested in the Litter Robot, I found BoxiePro Deep Clean Probiotic Cat Litter to be the best. All cats are different however, so I’ve listed the best cat litter for litter robot s for each category.

Our Best Cat Litter For Litter Robot

  1. BoxiePro Deep Clean Probiotic Cat Litter (Overall Best Litter for Litter Robot) Go to review
  2. Ever Clean Everfresh Unscented Cat Litter (Best Clumping Cat Litter for Litter Robot) Go to review
  3. Fresh Step Extreme (Best Odor Control Cat Litter for Litter Robot) Go to review
  4. Arm and Hammer Slide Platinum (Best Dust Free Cat Litter for Litter Robot) Go to review
  5. Purina Tidy Cats 4-in-1 Strength (Best Budget Cat Litter for Litter Robot) Go to review
  6. Dr Elseys Ultra Cat Litter (Best Non-tracking Cat Litter for Litter Robot) Go to review
  7. Sustainably Yours Natural Cat Litter (Best Sustainable Cat Litter for Litter Robot) Go to review

Reviews of the Best Litter for Litter Robot

Here are the detailed results of all of the cat litters I have tested in my Litter Robot. My list of criteria included absorbency, odor control, tracking, dust, price, clumping and cleanliness of the Robot liner.

I also simulated a “heavy urination” test on each litter by pouring in a glass of water to see how it coped. If your cat suffers from heavy urination you may also like to see our guide to the best cat litter for heavy urination.

BoxiePro Deep Clean Probiotic Cat Litter

(Overall Best Litter for Litter Robot)

BoxiePro is a clay based litter which contains natural probiotics. These harmless organisms digest waste and control odors, and act to keep cats’ paws clean and bacteria-free too. It claims to form “Flat Top” clumps. This means that when liquid is added, the litter clumps across the surface rather than letting the wet reach the bottom of the litter tray and sticking.

The litter is a dark grey color, with small, fine granules of clay-like texture. It claims to be 99.9% dust free, and I would agree as there was hardly any dust when I poured the litter into the Litter Robot.

The litter formed hard, tight clumps immediately after coming into contact with liquid. The clumps stayed firm and didn’t break up during the cleaning cycle. The surface-clumping feature really suits the Litter Robot. The liner stayed perfectly clean during the whole trial of this litter, even after the heavy urination test.

Odor control was excellent, and I didn’t get any whiffs of “litter box” smell during the trail. It’s an unscented litter which is a huge plus, as there was no overpowering “air freshener” scent either.

The litter did track however, although not as badly as some of the other litters I tested.

Price wise, the BoxiePro came out as the 2nd most expensive, after Sustainably Yours. But if you’re like me and hate cleaning your Litter Robot, you might consider it worth the expense. This cat litter really does perform well on all fronts.


Keeps Litter Robot Clean

Excellent odor control

Low dust



Ever Clean Everfresh Unscented Cat Litter

(Best Clumping Cat Litter for Litter Robot)

I have used this cat litter in my Litter Robot for a while years, and it has always performed well. I prefer to use the non-scented version, and its odor control qualities are still excellent, even without a scent.

The cat litter itself has white and grey granules, and it is a coarse, sandy texture with a mixture of particle sizes. It’s quite a heavy litter so you need to be careful not to fill the litter bed above the fill line.

Of all the cat litters I tested, the Ever Clean was the best clumping. The litter clumps almost immediately after the cat has peed, and stays in tight clumps as the robot sifts the litter. The clumps drop into the waste drawer and no residue is left on the liner. There is very little waste. This means that the bag is long lasting, and although the litter is expensive, the low waste helps offset the cost.

It was also one of the best in terms of tracking, as there is very little litter around the robot even after a full day’s use, with several cats coming in and out.

I poured a full glass of water on to the litter bed to see how the cat litter would cope with heavy urination, and the EverClean coped excellently. A firm clump was formed immediately, and no residue was left on the liner after the cleaning cycle finished.

Overall this is a great cat litter, however recent supply issues and formula changes mean that it has become unreliable in it’s performance and availability.


Exellent clumping & absorbency

Excellent odor control

Keeps the robot liner clean

Low tracking


Pricey (but less waste)

Supply issues

Arm and Hammer Slide Platinum

(Best Dust Free Cat Litter for Litter Robot)

best dust free cat litter for litter robot

Arm and Hammer Clump and Seal Slide claims to have excellent odor control, and that clumps slide off, rather than stick to the litter box. I would say it performs well on both counts. The cat litter is quite lightweight and made of grey granules. There was virtually no dust produced when I poured it into the litter tray. It is definitely one of the least dusty litters I tested, so would be good for cats or humans with dust allergies.

One thing I did notice however, is the scent, it is really strong. I don’t normally use scented litters, but this wasn’t labelled as scented but I guess the smell is part of it’s odor control formula. It didn’t seem to put my cats off going in the litter box though.

The litter performed really well during the test period. It formed firm clumps really quickly, and the robot liner stayed really clean – I didn’t need to clean it manually at all. It performed as well as the EverClean on the heavy urination test.

Tracking was OK, slightly more than EverClean but with several cats coming in and out it was no more than expected. I do use a mat in front of the Litter Robot, which catches most of it.

I was really impressed with this litter and would use it again if I was unable to get Ever Clean. It works out more economical, and the only thing really that puts me off is the strong scent.


Great odor control

No dust

Quick, firm clumping

Low tracking

Good value


Scent can be overpowering

Tidy Cats 4-in-1 Strength Clumping Cat Litter

(Best Budget Cat Litter for Litter Robot)

The Tidy Cats litter is really lightweight, which makes it easy to handle and pour. This does mean however, that you need to put more litter in the Litter Robot than some of the heavier litters. It’s consistency is of coarse, grey grains with green and purple colored granules mixed in. These colored granules are what release the scent when they get wet.

The first thing I noticed when I poured it into the Litter Robot was that, as a clay litter, it was dustier than the other cat litters I tested. There wasn’t a huge amount of dust, but because the others are so low dust, it was noticeable.

The litter is highly absorbent, and passed the heavy urination test with flying colors. I poured a cup of water into the litter bed, and the litter formed a tight clump really quickly. When the Tidy Cats litter gets wet, it quickly forms solid clumps which don’t stick to the liner, but they did break up a little when the Robot started to rotate. As a result, some of the dirty litter stays in the litter bed – you can see some darker colored specks that were left behind. This meant that the bed didn’t stay as clean, so the odor control was not as good.

Some people who use Tidy Cats report that it tracks more than other litters, but I didn’t find this. I do use a fence and a litter mat though, so these must work really well.

Tidy Cats was the cheapest litter I tested. In some cases it was less than half the price of other brands. So while I would say it wasn’t quite as good as the others, it is still a perfectly functioning cat litter for the Litter Robot. OK it’s a bit dustier than the others, doesn’t clump quite as well, and isn’t quite as good at odor control. But for the price difference I can definitely live with it, and it is my choice as Best Budget Cat litter for the Litter Robot.


Great value

Lightweight, easy to pour

Low tracking


Quite dusty

Clumps break up

Fresh Step Extreme

(Best Odor Control Cat Litter for Litter Robot)

Fresh Step claim that all of their cat litters are low dust and give 10 days of odor control with their Ammonia block technology. When I poured the cat litter into the Litter Robot, it did create some dust, but not as much as the Tidy Cats litter. It is another clay based litter, so there is probably always going to be some dust with this type of litter.

The Febreze “Mountain Spring” scent was very apparent as soon as I opened the box, so be aware of this if you don’t like strongly scented litter. My cats don’t mind scented litter but some cats aren’t keen. The scent stays within the Litter Robot, however, so I didn’t notice it permeating the room. It did a good job of masking the “litter box” smell in my home however, even after a few days of use. Of all the litters I tested, I would say this one had to best odor control.

The litter has a gritty texture with small, dark grey particles interspersed with blue and purple granules which release scent when they become wet.

The particles are the smallest of all the litters I tested, and I think this is why it tracked the most.

The Fresh Step performs well in the Litter Robot, quickly forming tight clumps which didn’t create any residue on the liner. It held up fine during the “heavy urination” test with a large glass of water, forming a large, tight clump.

Overall I was very happy with the Fresh Step. It clumped well and had excellent odor control, and would happily use it again in my Litter Robot.


Great odor control

Clumps well

Doesn’t leave a residue


Quite dusty

Tracks easily

Strong scent

Dr Elseys Ultra Cat Litter

Best Non-tracking Cat Litter for Litter Robot

The manufacturer of Dr Elseys cat litter claims it is perfect for mechanical litter boxes. It has a unique formulation that combines heavy non-tracking granules with medium grain clay. When I first poured it into the Litter Robot I noticed how non-dusty it was, so it is ideal for cats or humans with allergies. It is one of the least dusty of the clay cat litters I tested. It is a pale grey color and has the consistency of tiny pebbles. It is quite a heavy litter so be careful not to overfill the litter bed.

The litter is highly absorbent, and forms hard, solid lumps immediately on contact with liquid. The lumps remain solid but I did find that they stick to the liner, and leave a mess when they eventually fall off. This is the main downside of this litter, as it means you’ve got the hassle of having to clean the liner more often.

I like that is it non-scented, and it has really good odor control. I didn’t notice any smell coming from the litter box, even after a week of use. However the waste compartment was really smelly when I came to empty it, but that’s probably to be expected.

Of all the litters I tested, I found this one was the best for not tracking, or getting stuck in the cats paws. This is probably because it has quite heavy granules which stay in the litter box. Dr Elseys is also quite a cheap cat litter so its good value, particularly if you have multiple cats like me!


Very low tracking

Good odor control

Great value


Sticks to the liner

Extra cleaning

Sustainably Yours Large Grain Natural Cat Litter

(Best Sustainable Cat Litter for Litter Robot)

There aren’t many sustainable, eco-friendly cat litters that can be used successfully with the Litter Robot, but Sustainably Yours works really well. It is made from corn and cassava, which are completely renewable and biodegradable. You can use it with a clear conscience knowing you are being kind to the environment, unlike other litters made from mined materials such as clay or silica. And the best thing is, you aren’t compromising performance or quality, as this litter works great.

The first thing I noticed about this litter was how light it is, which makes it super easy to handle and pour. It is yellow in color and has a sandy consistency that my cats really liked. I did do some research before I chose this litter to trial, and according to other users, it is the large grain version that should be used in the Litter Robot. The normal version is of such a fine grain consistency that granules of litter can get into the machine’s inner workings and clog up the mechanism.

When I poured the litter into the Litter Robot I was really pleased to see that it had zero dust – so it’s perfect for cats or humans with allergies.

When the litter came into contact with liquid, it formed solid clumps immediately. The clumps were really hard, didn’t break up and were easily sifted out during the cleaning cycle. Nothing stuck to the Litter Robot liner at all. It passed the heavy urination test not problem too.

In terms of odor control, the litter is unscented and seemed to control smells quite well. I didn’t notice any cat pee smell during the two weeks of testing the litter.

The main downside of this litter is that it tracks really badly, even with the larger grain. The grains are small and light and really seem to stick to the cats paws. It tracked quite a distance from my Litter Robot, despite the use of a litter mat. Another downside is that, being grain based, it needs to be stored correctly. It can go mouldy or spoil if it is stored in humid or wet conditions. The waste compartment cat also get mould in it if it’s not emptied often enough. As I have multiple cats, mine was emptied several times a week, so I had no issues, but I read some reviews that mentioned they had mould.

Be aware that some cats have proved highly allergic to this litter, so keep an eye on your cats. If your cat is sensitive to grains in their diet, then this litter is probably best avoided, as they may might accidentally swallow some during grooming.

If your cat develops any skin irritation, discontinue use and seek advice from your vet.

This litter is more expensive per pound than the other litters, but due to its excellent clumping performance, there is less waste. So one 10lb bag of Sustainably Yours should last about the same time as a 25lb box of Ever Clean. Lets face it, we’re kind of used to paying a bit more for sustainable products anyway, and if you can live with the tracking issues, Sustainably Yours is an excellent choice of cat litter for the Litter Robot.


Sustainable & biodegradable

No dust

Good odor control

Lightweight, easy to pour


Tracks like crazy

Spoils if not stored properly


Our Verdict

Litter Robots are a lifesaver for those of us that hate scooping! But finding the best litter for the Litter Robot can be a minefield, as some litters just don’t perform well. Even worse, they can damage your Litter Robot. After testing all of these cat litters in my Litter Robot, I would be happy using any of them again. With the supply difficulties of litters manufactured by Clorox (including Fresh Step and Ever Clean), it is good to know that there are some reliable alternatives out there.

My favorite litter was Ever Clean, but I’ve now changed to BoxiePro is a more reliable and better performing alternative.

Sue Light BA (Hons), DipHE

Sue Light BA (Hons), DipHE

Sue is the founder of Web Cat Central and has a Diploma in Feline Behaviour and Psychology. She is an experienced writer who loves spending time at home with her menagerie of seven cats, four dogs and three horses.

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