MeoWant Litter Box Review 2023

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This is an independent review of the MeoWant Self Cleaning Litter Box.

I share my home with 7 cats, so I need a good litter box or two! I’ve tried and tested many litter boxes over the years, so I’m a pretty good judge of what makes a good one. Since the MeoWant Litter Box’s launch in August 2022, its had rave reviews, so I just had to try it!

After buying and using the MeoWant for a month, my experience is that overall I have found the MeoWant to be a safe, reliable and good value for money automatic smart litter box. It is extremely quiet, has excellent safety features, plus it performs really well as a litter box.

Previously I’ve used the Litter Robot, but the MeoWant is cheaper, and performs at least as well, if not better. It is lighter to handle and easier to clean, and I love the weight tracking feature in the app.

This comprehensive review will analyze the features offered by the MeoWant based on my experience of using it, plus manufacturers information. It will also discuss customer reviews and potential alternatives for this smart litter box from MeoWant.

MeoWant Self Cleaning Litter Box Overview

  • Dimensions: 20.5″L x 20.9″W x 21.85″H
  • Cat Weight Range: 3.3lbs to 44lbs / 20kg
  • Age range: For cats age 4+ months
  • WiFi enabled: Yes
  • Interior size: 57.6L
  • Litter: Any clumping cat litter, beads, crystals < 15mm (0.6ins)
  • What’s included: 1 x Cat Litter Box, 1 x Pack of 20 Matching Litter Box Liners, 1 x Cat Litter Catching Pad, 1 x gel deodorizer, 1 x Power Adapter, 1 x Instruction Manual, 1 x Quick Start Guide

review of the meowant self cleaning litter box

The MeoWant cat litter box is a smart litter box that cleans itself by scooping and separating waste. It utilises a WiFi app called Airpet and features a rotating drum design. This litter box has multiple sensors for safety and weight tracking. You can use the Airpet App to see the sensor data and get insight into your cat’s health and bathroom habits.


Here is a closer look at the features offered by the MeoWant self-cleaning cat litter box.

Easy to Set up and Use

The MeoWant litter box is easy to set up, and the user manual is extremely detailed with step-by-step pictorial instructions, plus a trouble shooting guide. I had no issues setting the litter box up, and the app connected first time. It took around 10 minutes to set the litter box up and start using it.

No tools are required to install or assemble the litter box. After powering on, wait for the litter box to perform a self-inspection and then pour in the cat litter. The one-click empty feature is convenient for litter replacing and drum cleaning. The whole body is washable (except the base). It is recommended that the waste compartment liner is replaced every 3-5 days, and the inside of the unit cleaned every 1-3 months. I’ve got multiple cats using the litter box so I empty the waste compartment every 3 days, which seems to keep odors in check.

There are 3 buttons on the litter box. The “cleaning” button rotates the box, and the “flatten” button evens out the litter when you have added new litter. The “empty” button empties the entire contents of the litter box into a bag, ready for disposal.

WiFi Enabled

This self-cleaning litter tray is connected to 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, allowing you to clean the litter box anytime and from anywhere using the Airpet app. To connect to WiFi, scan the displayed QR code on the litter box to download the Airpet app, and follow the instructions. Regular data updates are sent to your phone, enabling you to monitor your cat’s activity in real time. Through the app you can manually set up the time elapsed between the cat using the litter box and when it is cleaned. This means the litter can be given time to clump properly after each use, and doesn’t get stuck to the side of the box. I found the app pretty reliable overall, but sometimes had to restart it as it got “stuck” when it dropped the connection.

Health Monitoring

The Airpet app monitors your cat’s weight, which is a great health feature of the MeoWant. You can keep an eye on your cat’s weight, and the app will tell you if they are gaining or losing weight. The litter tray supports up to 6 cats, but it is worth noting that cats with similar weights may cause errors. To use this feature, you set up a profile for each of your cats on the app, with a picture, and their individual weights.

I really wanted to love this feature, it was part of my reason for trying the MeoWant. However, I struggled to get it to work reliably with multiple cats. It’s really fiddly to set up, adding all the pictures and details of each cat. You have to watch for each cat to visit, then match it up with a weight on the app. My cats are reasonably different weights, mostly at least half a pound difference between them, but the Meowant struggled to identify each one easily. It’s been fun monitoring each cat’s activities, although I feel a bit voyeuristic checking in on their toileting habits. But I’m not sure the the weight monitoring is something I would 100% rely on. It would be much more accurate if you just have one cat.

Safety Features

The MeoWant automatic cat litter box is equipped with 10 high-precision sensors with a 120 degree field of detection to ensure your cat’s safety. These infrared and weight sensors detect environmental changes to keep your cat safe. When your cat comes within 31 inches of the litter box, the cleaning cycle is immediately paused so that your cat can enter safely and won’t get trapped in the cleaning mechanism. The sensors also know when the cat is inside, and so the litter box doesn’t start cleaning until the cat has left the box. There is also a self-test and remote alarm system to provide extra protection for your cat.

I really wanted to test this feature, as it is one of the things that puts me off automatic litter boxes, the idea of them going round with my cat inside. I did watch and monitor whether it detected my cat was close to the machine from several angles, and each time the litter box stopped it’s cycle.

Cleaning Cycle

The MeoWant’s self-cleaning system automatically cleans the litter box after your cat leaves, and separates the waste into the enclosed waste bin. The specially designed filter openings effectively filter and separate various types of cat litter, including plant-based, bentonite, mixed, and more. The MeoWant works with cat litter with particles equal to or smaller than 0.59inches.

I have found with automatic, self-cleaning litter boxes, that ultra-clumping clay-based litters work best. I used a couple of brands of cat litter with the MeoWant, namely Ever Clean and BoxiPro, and these performed really well.

I set the machine to clean 15 minutes after each use, to give the litter time to clump. This worked well, and I didn’t have any problems with the litter sticking to the sifter or the drum.

Odor Control

Unlike most other smart litter boxes that use traditional activated carbon deodorants, the MeoWant features a gel-like block of deodorizer which slots into a compartment in the waste bin. The sifter also has a door flap that automatically closes after cleaning, physically stopping odor before it escapes.

I found the MeoWant kept the odors in, and the room didn’t have any litter box smell. The waste compartment also stayed odor free as long as I changed the waste bin regularly.


The built-in whisper quiet motor keeps noise to as low as 40dB, ensuring it won’t disturb you, or scare your cat during its cleaning cycle. Compared to the Litter Robot 3, the MeoWant is way quieter. If I was in the next room, I didn’t hear it.

Suitable for Most Ages and Sizes of Cat

The cat’s activity space inside the litter box measures 14.9 x 13.7 x 19.7 inches, and the internal space is 57.6L. It is suitable for cats weighing between 3.3 and 18 pounds. The litter box’s 4.8-inch low-entry design is ideal for older cats, small cats and kittens over 3.3lbs, and cats with limited mobility.

The MeoWant should not be used for kittens under 3.3lbs as they are too small to trigger the safety features.

My cats of varying sizes were all happy to use the box.


The MeoWant comes with a 1-year warranty, with 24 hour customer support. A full refund is promised if you are unsatisfied with the litter box.

I have so far used the MeoWant for around 5 weeks, and have had no issues with reliability. I will update once I have been using it for longer.

Many purchasers who have been using their MeoWant litter boxes for a while have found them to be reliable and non-jamming compared to other brands of self-cleaning litter boxes. Purchasers who have experienced problems with their MeoWant have found the customer support very helpful and eager to resolve any issues.


The entrance to the litter box is low, making it easy for cats of all ages and sizes to enter. However, the downside is that some litter can be pushed out of the box if your cat digs vigorously. My cats did track quite a bit of litter outside of the box. To address this, the machine includes a small litter tracking mat. Personally, I have found that using a large litter tracking mat helps to minimize this issue. It would be helpful if MeoWant offered a litter guard that could be attached to the entrance to prevent litter tracking. Although MeoWant don’t offer this, I believe some entrepreneurial soul makes them on a 3-D printer and sells them on Etsy.

Easy Cleaning

It is recommended that the MeoWant is disassembled and cleaned every 1-3 months, and I found this a fairly straightforward process. The litter barrel is easily removed, and can be rinsed out, along with the waste compartment and the rear cover. The base unit should not be washed, but it can be wiped with a damp cloth.

I found the MeoWant easier to clean than the Litter Robot, however it’s worth noting that the barrel doesn’t drain very easily and it’s hard to get the water out. I got most of it out by shaking the barrel around and directing it out of the entrance hole, then mopped the rest out with a towel.

MeoWant Litter Box Reviews

The MeoWant litter box gets an overall score of 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon. The ratings by feature are as follows:

Easy to clean: 4.3 out of 5
Scent: 4.3 out of 5
Odor elimination: 4.2 out of 5
Value for money: 4 out of 5

I’ve only started using the MeoWant recently, so I checked up on reviews from buyers who have had their litter boxes for some time. Most reviews are positive and buyers seem pleased with their purchase. Many mention that their cats like and use the litter box, that is it quiet, and that it is easy to clean. Some users found it has halved the amount of litter they used compared to a normal litter box. Others have found that the MeoWant compares very favorable to other brands of self-cleaning litter boxes they have used, particularly on reliability. The main negative that buyers experienced with the MeoWant were niggles with the app.

You can read the full details of MeoWant Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box reviews on Amazon.

Alternatives to the MeoWant Litter Box

If the MeoWant self-cleaning cat litter box isn’t the right choice for your cat, there are several similar alternatives you can consider.

MeeGeem Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box

MEEGEEM Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box - 85L Extra Large Automatic Cat Litter Box Self Cleaning for Multiple Cats, Anti-Pinch/Odor-Removal Design, All Litter Can Use, with Garbage Bags/Mats1230
  • Dimensions: 22″L x 22″W x 26″H
  • Cat Weight Range: 2.2lbs to 22lbs
  • WiFi enabled: Yes
  • Interior size: 85L
  • Waste drawer capacity: 15L
  • Litter: Any clumping cat litter, beads, crystals < 15mm (0.6ins)

This self-cleaning litter box is similar to the MeoWant in terms of features, but has slightly more space inside. It has safety features such as sensors which detect your cat’s proximity, and an anti-pinch motor. The collection box is a hefty 15L and should last one cat 15-28 days before it needs emptying.

The litter box is WiFi enabled, and features the weight tracking and usage monitoring similar to the MeoWant.

CATLINK Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box, Automatic , Double Odor Removal, Robot Litter Box for Cats from 3.5 to 22 pounds (Young Version)
  • Dimensions: 23.62″L x 23.62″W x 27.95″H
  • Cat Weight Range: 3.5lbs to 22lbs
  • Age range: For cats age 4+ months
  • WiFi enabled: No
  • Interior size: 57L
  • Waste drawer capacity: 13L
  • Litter: Any clumping cat litter

The Catlink litter box features double odor removal technology, plus a high door to reduce litter tracking by your cat. There’s no WiFi to worry about, and the litter box gets highly rated reviews on Amazon. This is a great alternative to the MeoWant.

Our Verdict

The MeoWant litter box is a great choice of self-cleaning litter box. It is reliable and easy to clean, and I love its enhanced safety features and weight tracking app. My cats had no issues using it, and it seems to be well received by both cats and their parents. Price-wise it is very competitive with similar available brands, but offers more features and reliability. Overall I’m really impressed with mine, and I think it’s a great buy.

It is often out of stock on Amazon, but can be bought direct from MeoWant if that’s the case.

For information on the best cat litter for self cleaning litter boxes see our guide here.

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