Five Ways to Keep Cats Safe Outdoors

A guest post from Eve Davis at ProtectaPet, UK

Everyday, in the UK alone, it is estimated by the UK Parliament that 630 cats are involved in fatal accidents on the roads. Cat owners are naturally looking for ways to keep their cats safe outdoors. Night curfews, trackers and illuminous collars may be preventative but cat fencing is the optimum solution to control an outdoor cat’s territory, keeping them both enriched and safe. In this article, we outline five ways ProtectaPet keep cats safe in gardens.

Cat Enclosures– ProtectaPet cat enclosures are freestanding cat fencing, with steel posts interconnected by mesh and featuring a bracket overhang at the top of each post. Cat enclosures are an easy and aesthetically pleasing way to keep your cat safe outdoors. These enclosures don’t require any existing fencing and can be built in your garden, irrespective of the existing boundary: many people use them in gardens with privet hedging or mature shrubbery. They are ideal where cat owners want to section parts of their garden off with gated access.

Cat Fence Barriers – This minimal maintenance cat fence barrier offers the ideal solution to keeping your cat safe outdoors where you have existing fencing. These fence barriers can be used on various boundary heights from 1 metre up and the cat fence toppers are versatile to be fitted to brick walls, concrete posts and timber fence posts. ProtectaPet cat fence barriers have a sleek slim profile that is optimum for aesthetics. The brackets are suitable for all fenced gardens as they have a bi-orientated corner adapters for left and right corners, internal and external corners. The Cat Fence Barrier is the perfect choice for cat breeds such as Bengals who are highly intelligent, agile and love to climb. These cat fence brackets include the “Bengal Bend” on the seventy-centimetre cat fence overhang.

Catios  – ProtectaPet Catios are steel-framed structures that you can place onto your outdoor patio to enable your cats to stay safe when going outdoors. Unlike cat fence barriers and cat enclosures (above), they feature a mesh roof. These cat proof patios allow your cat to relish in the outdoors, whilst still staying safe. They are an enclosed pen that can be installed over the area that you want your cat to remain in, these can be built to suit your outdoor space. ProtectaPet Catios have a greater longevity than many other alternatives because they are made from galvanised steel, requiring minimal maintenance. Cat patios extend your house into your garden, they allow you to transform your patio into a beautiful cat safe haven so you can enjoy your outdoor space together with your cats. They are a wonderful way to allow your cat to enjoy the outdoors whilst remaining safe.

Cat Balcony  – Suitable for apartment living, ProtectaPet’s cat balconies offer a great way to give your cat outside access whilst still keeping them safe at height. This balcony adaptation allows you to create an enclosed balcony that provides your cat with some extra space and fresh air. These cat balconies can cater to smaller balconies as the steel can be cut to a shorter length, multiple cat balcony kits can be joined together to fit larger balconies. No matter the size of your balcony, you can still keep your cat safe outdoors. Best if all, the balcony fixtures use tension and so you don’t need to drill into the masonry of your apartment.

Cat Tunnels – Used to connect cat secure areas such as catios or cat enclosures to the house, cat tunnels often lead from a cat flap to the secure area. These are generally only required in very specific circumstances and are custom designed to the specified space available. They use a steel frame for longevity in use.

These five solutions allow your cat to freely roam on your property without stepping over the boundary that you have chosen for them. Cat proof gardens are a superb choice as it allows you to give your cat freedom to roam in your garden whilst also keeping them safe. For more information, please contact ProtectaPet on 0800 999 4008. ProtectaPet ship their products worldwide.

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