Best Cat Treat Dispenser With Camera – Top 5 Picks Reviewed in 2024

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The best cat treat dispensers with cameras feature high grade 1080p HD video, 2-way audio and great quality night vision.

I love seeing what my cats get up to when I’m away from my home, and being a technology freak I’ve done an in-depth review of the best cat treat dispensers with cameras. Our top 5 picks have been carefully evaluated and assessed on reliability, durability and features to help you choose the perfect cat treat dispenser with camera for your cat.

I found the Furbo 360° Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser to be the best cat treat dispenser with camera.

There are several products on the market to suit a variety of budgets and requirements however. So I’ve included reviews of the best treat dispensers with cameras for each category.

Read on to find out more.

Best Overall

best cat treat dispenser with camera

Furbo 360° Pet Camera

360° Vision


Alexa compatible

Best Interactive

Pumpkii Pet Camera

Moves around the home

No subscription required

Feather wand to play with

Best Budget

Faroro Dog Camera

Smart alerts

No subscription

No tilt or pan vision

Our Best Cat Treat Dispensers With Camera

  1. Furbo 360° Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser (Overall Best Cat Treat Dispenser with Camera)
  2. Pumpkii Pet Camera treat Dispenser Robot (Best Interactive Cat Treat Dispenser with Camera) 
  3. Petcube Bites 2 Lite Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser (Best Wall Mounted Cat Treat Dispenser with Camera)
  4. Faroro Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser (Best Budget Cat Treat Dispenser with Camera)
  5. Wopet Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser (Best 5GHz Cat Treat Dispenser with Camera)

5 Best Cat Treat Dispensers With Camera Reviewed

All of the camera treat dispensers featured below are suitable for dispensing standard cat treats such as Greenies or Temptations. They all have 1080p HD cameras, 2-way audio, shared monitoring and night vision.

Review of the Furbo 360° Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser

(Overall Best Cat Treat Dispenser with Camera)

The Furbo 360° Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser has been around for a while and is one of the market leaders in pet cams. It has a wide range of features and its user app and software are reliable and easy to use. It is compatible with Alexa, and has color night vision for enhanced night time picture quality. Overall, the 1080p HD picture and audio quality are excellent.

The beauty of the Furbo is its 360-degree rotating camera which allows you to see every corner of the room. The 2-way audio means you can interact with your cat as well as watching them in real-time on camera.

Although the unit is designed for dogs, the treat dispenser handles small cat treats perfectly. It has a quieter mechanism than the Petcube Bites 2 and doesn’t fling the treats so forcefully.

best cat treat dispenser with camera

The setup process for the Furbo 360 is straightforward, and with the help of the user-friendly app, you can have it up and running in no time. Once plugged in, the camera will start to boot up, and a blue light will indicate that it is ready for setup. You need to download the Furbo app on your smartphone and create an account. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of smartphones. Once the app is installed, open it and follow the on-screen instructions to connect the Furbo 360 to your home Wi-Fi network.

After the camera is connected to your Wi-Fi network, you can customize its settings and preferences through the Furbo app. You can adjust the camera’s motion sensitivity, set up smart alerts, and toss treats to your furry friend remotely. The app also allows you to view the camera’s live feed, take photos, and record videos of your cat. You can share monitoring access with your family and friends when they download the app too.

The autotracking is a great feature which follows your cat around the room. However, some users have found it unreliable and turn it off. The noise alerts are designed to respond to barking dogs, however it will pick up meows as well if they are loud enough. The app always refers to dogs too!

Being originally designed for dogs, the tenacious nature of cats has not been taken into account when designing the treat hopper. The lid is not completely cat proof, and the unit itself is free standing and can easily be knocked off by an eager cat trying to get to the treats inside. The lid seal isn’t great either and treats can go soft quite quickly. The dispenser holds around a cupful of treats.

We’ve made the Furbo 360 our top pick due to it’s durability and reliable software, as well as the range of features it offers, plus high quality HD video. These do come at a price however – it is the most expensive of the cameras we reviewed. Many of the more advanced features such as video recording and smart alerts require a subscription, which if taken out at the time or purchase means you get a cheaper unit.

Overall, the 360° view, reliability, range of features and camera quality of the Furbo 360 make it our top choice for cat parents looking to stay connected with their feline throughout the day and night.

Review of the Pumpkii Pet Camera treat Dispenser Robot

(Best Interactive Cat Treat Dispenser with Camera) 

Both cats and their parents love the interactive nature of the Pumpkii Pet Camera Robot. Its innovative design means your cat can chase the robot, play with the feather toy and receive treats, all while you have fun controlling a robot!

The Pumkii robot features a wide angle 1080p HD camera with black and white night vision, 2-way audio, a replaceable feather teaser toy and an in-built rechargeable battery. The battery will last for 10 days in standby mode, which is initiated automatically if the unit isn’t used for 10 minutes.

It is worth noting that there are two models of Pumkii robot, the BQ30 featured here, and the BQ50 which has a docking station (currently out of stock).

The Pumkii is only compatible with 2.4GHz wifi. It is straightforward to set up, and the app is easy to use and allows you to control the robot’s movements. Some users have found the software to be unreliable and have experienced connectivity issues with the robot. There is also a time lag when controlling the robot and delivering treats. We had no issues with setting up or using the Pumkii, but users who did have found the customers support to be excellent and very helpful.

The motor which drives the Pumpkii around the floor is somewhat noisy, and can scare your cat when they first encounter it. However once they learn that it dispenses treats they will learn to love it, although it may take a couple of weeks.

The Pumkii is designed to run on one type of floor covering at a time, and does struggle when traversing from one type of flooring to the next. It will cope with changes of around 0.6 inches height difference, and there are techniques which can help. The user manual advises speeding up around 3 feet from the surface change, which works fine. Others have found approaching at an angle helpful, getting one wheel over first and then the other one. Tassels and fringes on rug edges have proved particularly challenging however!

The feather teaser toy can take quite a bashing as cats love it. If it breaks, replacements are available from Amazon here.

No subscription is required with the Pumpkii, so all the available features such as recording and picture downloading are included in the purchase price.

In conclusion, the Pumkii Pet Camera Treat Dispenser Robot allows you to see, hear, talk to and play with your cat remotely. It’s interactive nature keeps your cat entertained and provides mental stimulation and exercise, promoting a healthy and happy lifestyle for your furry friend. Being able to control the robot remotely, allows you to engage in playtime with your cat even when you’re not home. It’s a great way to keep them active and happy, and many users have found it has helped with their cat’s separation anxiety. It’s only downsides are the occasional connectivity issues some users have experienced, the unresponsiveness/lag of the controlling app, and the difficulty in traversing different flooring. However we still think it deserves it’s place as our top pick for interactive best cat treat dispenser with camera.

Review of Petcube Bites 2 Lite Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser

(Best Wall Mounted Cat Treat Dispenser with Camera)

If your cat is a determined treat thief like mine, or likes to knock things over, then you could consider a wall mounted cat treat dispenser with camera. The Petcube Bites 2 Lite is another pet cam that has been around for a few years, and it shows. It has a reliable app and great, easy to use interface. The camera quality is also excellent, with 1080p HD live streaming video, night vision, 160° wide angle view and 8x digital zoom.

The Petcube is compatible with 2.4GHz wifi, and is easy to set up and connect. It offers many features, and as well as the app you can control it with Alexa. Live streaming and treat dispensing are free, but additional elements such as smart alerts, motion detection, video history and downloading require a subscription to the Petcube Care service. Plans start from $4 per month at the time of writing.

The Petcube will dispense dry treats from size 0.3 inch to 1 inch, with a choice of launch distance of long, medium or short. A common complaint of this model is the overenthusiastic force with which the treats are launched. Even on the short setting, small cat treats are fired everywhere, often out of sight of the camera. Some users have modified their Petcubes with a homemade guard over the dispenser which stops the treats being flung so far. I prefer it as it is, as it keeps my cats occupied and entertained seeking out their treats. The Petcube also dispenses multiple treats, approximately 6 at a time, which is not ideal if your cat is watching their weight.

The Petcube has an automatic “Low Treats” sensor which is pretty sensitive. When using small cat treats, you will need to fill the dispenser pretty full to make the indicator go off, but it doesn’t affect the functionality if it stays on, just some users find it annoying. The treat hopper is huge and will take 1.5lbs of treats when full.

wall mounts on the back of the Petcube Bites 2 Lite
Wall mounting slots on rear of the Petcube Bites 2 Lite

You can mount the Petcube on the wall with 2 screws (fixings included), or it can free stand on a counter if you want to be more flexible about where to point the camera. The wide angle lens gives you a great field of view and the audio quality is excellent. It is robustly built and there is a rubber grip on the bottom to keep it stable if it’s free standing.

The treat dispensing mechanism is somewhat loud, and may scare your cat at first until they get used to it. Once they have learned that it dispenses treats however, they will come running when they hear it!

If you need to contact customer support they are easy to get hold of via the contact page on the Petcube website, and are very helpful.

Overall, we found that the Petcube Bites 2 Lite is a robust and reliable cat treat dispenser with camera. It has a great app with reliable connectivity, excellent quality camera and great features. The ferocity of the treat dispensing may annoy some, and the lack of pan or tilt limits the Petcube’s vision so your cat can go out of sight easily. It’s also annoying that some of the better features are subscription only. But otherwise it is a great way to interact with your cat when you are away from home.

Review of Faroro Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser

(Best Budget Cat Treat Dispenser with Camera)

The Faroro Camera and treat dispenser features a 1080p HD camera with black and white night vision, 130° wide angle viewing, 2-way audio, real time motion alerts, Bluetooth connectivity and 2.4GHz wi-fi compatibility. It is straightforward to set up and connect, and the Smart Life app is easy to use. There is a bit of a lag when controlling the camera, but if wi-fi connection is sketchy then the video quality can be reduced to maintain a continuous feed.

There is no subscription with this petcam, so features like video recording and motion alerts are free. You can download up to 3 minutes of video each time, however the lack of a cloud option means live stream videos aren’t stored. You therefore can’t rewind videos, and have to catch alerts as soon as they are sent if your cat is moving and has triggered the camera.

The Faroro can be wall mounted, or fixed to a shelf or counter with suction cups to keep it firmly in place. It takes treats of between 0.2 inches and 0.6 inches in size, and the dispenser holds approximately 0.5 liters of treats. It throws between 1 and 4 treats each time, depending on their size.

Faroro customer support are east to contact and very helpful, and the petcam comes with 2 years free warranty.

Overall this is a great quality cat treat dispenser with camera. It gets very good reviews, and most buyers have found it to be an excellent budget alternative to the more expensive brands on the market.

Review of the Wopet Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser

(Best 5GHz Cat Treat Dispenser with Camera)

Wopet make two similar treat dispensing petcams. This review refers to the 300° D100 black rotating model as this is compatible with 5GHz WiFi. However it can sometimes be difficult to get hold of. The white D01 model is similar but it does not rotate, and only works on 2.4GHz WiFi.

The Wopet pet camera with treat dispenser gets high praise from buyers as a more economical alternative to the Furbo. The Wopet’s 1080p HD camera rotates to give a 300° view with a 165° wide angle lens, and it has a 4x digital zoom. The quality of the camera and audio is excellent. It has night vision and 2 way audio, and it also compatible with Alexa. The treat dispenser is bigger than the Furbo and holds more treats, around a cupful. It takes treats from 0.24 inches to 0.6 inches in size.

The Wopet is easy to set up and install, and the app can be downloaded from your usual app store or by scanning the supplied QR code. It is compatible with both 5GHz and 2.4GHz WiFi, and it should be situated withing 30 feet of a WiFi router with a clear line of sight. The benefits of a 5GHz WiFi connection is that it has a faster transfer speed, and is less vulnerable to interference from other wireless devices.

The dispenser handles small cat treats perfectly. It throws 3-4 treats at a time, to a distance of around 2-3 feet.

The Wopet does not require a subscription. It does not offer smart alerts or autotracking but you can record and download videos onto your phone.

The unit itself is made of heavy duty plastic with a tight fitting lid, and has suckers on the bottom to anchor it firmly to a shelf or worktop. It will stand up to the break-in efforts of even the most determined kitty, making it more cat-proof than the Furbo.

The app and connectivity can be somewhat glitchy, with quite a lag when controlling the camera or delivering treats. Many users report that they have to reset the device frequently, and some found their devices stopped working altogether. However, Wopet do offer extremely good customer support and stand by their free 2 year warranty, replacing faulty units without quibble.

All in all, the Wopet cat treat dispenser with camera is great buy if you want to use it with 5GHz WiFi, and is an excellent budget alternative to the Furbo.

Guide to Buying the Best Cat Treat Dispenser With Camera

Cat treat dispensers with cameras combine all the advantages of keeping an eye on your cat with an interactive element (treats) to keep your cat engaged. Here are the things you should look for when selecting the best cat treat dispenser with camera for your cat.

Camera Quality

Most petcams will offer 1080p, often referred to as “full HD”. This will give you great quality HD digital video and still pictures without taking up too much storage space or bandwidth.

Two-Way Audio

For maximum interactivity, your cat treat dispenser with camera should have a good quality speaker and microphone, so you can hear your cat and talk to them.

Field of Vision

Many cameras offer a wide angle 130° to 160° view and 4x or 8x zoom. Cat’s don’t stay in one place though, so better views are offered by cameras with a pan function so you get a view of the whole room. The Furbo for example, rotates to offer a full 360° view, and the Wopet offers a 300° view. Even better is the Pumpkii which can follow your cat from room to room.

Reliable App

It is important that your dispenser camera is easy to set up, has reliable connectivity and a user-friendly interface. There is nothing more frustrating than your device going offline whilst you are away from home and want to log in to check on your cat. The more established brands tend to have the most reliable apps, however there are things you can do to optimise the connectivity of your cat treat dispenser camera. It is best to situate it as close to your WiFi router as possible, with as few obstacles as possible in between. Also ensure you have the latest version of the App on your phone, and the latest version of your phone’s operating system installed.

Some treat dispenser cameras are compatible with Alexa or Google home, so look out for those models if that is important to you.

Night Vision

All cat parents know that cats come alive at night! You may capture your best videos of their antics in the dark, so good quality night vision is a great thing to have. Most pet cameras offer black and white night vision, but the Furbo features color night vision for better quality videos and pictures.

Smart Alerts

Some cat treat dispenser cameras can issue smart alerts to your phone, for example when your cat moves, meows, or puts their face next to the camera for a selfie. You can then log into the app and view your cats antics in real time.

Some devices such as the Furbo even offer emergency alerts to notify you of Carbon Monoxide or smoke alarms, intruders or breaking glass (offered with subscription).


Most treat dispensers with cameras are designed for dogs, and don’t factor in the mischievous nature of furry felines, and their ability to jump and climb. Some models therefore, such as the Furbo, can easily be knocked over, opened and relieved of their tasty contents.

If you have a notorious treat thief, it might be best to consider a wall mountable model such as the Petcube. Alternately the Faroro and the Wopet feature suction cup feet to keep them glued firmly to the surface they are placed on.


Some treat dispenser cameras like the Petcube and the Furbo require a subscription to access features such as video recording, video highlights and smart alerts. To access footage in anything other than real time, the video needs to be stored to a cloud or similar, which is why there is a subscription cost. If you only want to see your cat in real time, and dispense treats, then you don’t really need a subscription. But if you want to access more features then its worth considering. You can always subscribe, and cancel later on if you find it’s not for you.

Treat Size

Many treat dispenser cameras are designed for dogs. Most dispensers will work for cats, but you may have issues with the size of treats they are designed for, and the distance they are launched. Some treat hoppers can be too big and dispense multiple small cat treats, and they can fling the treats out of range of the camera.

temptation cat treat size for cat treat dispenser camera
Size of a Temptations cat treat
Size of a typical piece of cat kibble for a cat treat dispenser camera
Size of typical cat kibble

As an example of cat treat size, Temptations measure 0.47 inches, and typical cat kibble measures around 0.39 inches.

The treat dispensers featured here in our guide take a range of treats from 0.26 to 0.6 inches.

Always use hard, dry treats of a uniform size and shape – spherical treats work best. Anything too soft, crumbly or greasy will clog the dispenser


It could be said that cat treat dispenser cameras can be somewhat fragile and temperamental, and have even been known to stop working altogether. So it is worth checking the length of warranty offered with you cat treat dispenser camera. Some brands such as the Furbo offer a 1 year warranty (extended to lifetime warranty with their Dog Nanny subscription), however the Faroro and the Wopet offer 2 years warranty for free.

Our Verdict

Cat cameras with treat dispensers are a great way to check in on your cat, and enrich their life if you have to spend time away from them. We think the Furbo 360° Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser is an excellent choice for it’s reliability, camera quality and choice of features.

For other ways to keep your cat entertained whilst you are out, see our guide on how to enrich your cat’s environment.

Sue Light BA (Hons), DipHE

Sue Light BA (Hons), DipHE

Sue is the founder of Web Cat Central and has a Diploma in Feline Behaviour and Psychology. She is an experienced writer who loves spending time at home with her menagerie of seven cats, four dogs and three horses.

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